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The Biogenol Color Care System is the industry's most complete care and styling system for color-treated hair, only from Framesi.

Seventy-five percent or more salon clients use haircolor. As a haircolor client you require shampoos, conditioners and styling products formulated to the highest professional performance level, and with special ingredients to enhance, and not diminish, the beauty of your color. Framesi Biogenol has harnessed the power of natures using ingredients from the coral found it the sea! Biogenol products contain Phycocorail which retains haircolor 30% longer than other lines. The "coral shield" in Biogenol responds to heat just like it does in nature, preserving and protecting hair color.

Framesi Biogenol ModelFramesi Biogenol hair stays more vibrant and more beautiful ... the longest lasting hair color on earth. This is why Framesi Biogenol offers a complete system of products for every hair type, that cleanse, condition and style without stripping your haircolor!
**Biogenol products are not tested on animals
**Biogenol products use recyclable packaging materials

When you color your hair, your styling products and your home hair-care do make a difference!!


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